Sport Director apologies for the delays at the event.. Calls for support ahead of today’s mountaineering.. as Olaswal appreciates outstanding mates

Emsa Sport Captain, ShinaAyo through his whatsapp Page expressed his sincere apology to the freshmen for the inconveniencies experienced last night. In his message, “I want to officially say a big thank you to everyone that came out today for the novelty match, it meant a great deal to us, you all made it a success, and want to say we are sorry for the inconvenience of Jersey the next competition won’t be this way that’s a promise. 

He further called for more support for the mother of all events which is the mountaineering of today.

“Now the dopest of the activities comes up tomorrow please lets turn up n make this a success also..let go climb and see the oau estate in 3D. Once again thanks.”
Meanwhile, Technical Adviser of the freshmen team, Olaswal eulogies his team of professional for their brave display. He also sent words of gratitude to the ladies at the sidelines cheering the team all through the match.

Ayomi reports for Emsec✌


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