Freshmen/Stalites Football match Report..

​Emsa Stalites defeat Emsa Freshmen
Emsa Stalites  3         Vs        2   Freshmen

(BamJam, Khalifa{2})           (Temitayo{2})
Referee: Aregbesola Tunmise

Stalites welcome the freshmen with a very slim victory in a football match that took place between the two sides last night at the cricket field. The match which was scheduled to start by 5pm couldn’t start due to some delay which caused some rumbling among the freshmen. After all these were solved, the match went underway around 6pm. 

The first goal of the game was scored by BamJam, the Current Vice President of Emsa while the freshmen responded almost immediately with a goal from Temitayo. The large support from the ladies inspired more good play from the freshmen but the stalites were ahead again after Khalifa got to the end of a through ball and scored to maintain the lead. Few minutes later, Khalifa got his second of the night. 

The freshmen were not bothered by this as they replied again through the versatility of Temitayo. The freshmen almost made it a draw at the last minutes of the game but the stalites held their heads up to record a very crucial victory at the end of the match. It was indeed a nice way to welcome the freshmen. Lol.. There was light refreshments at the end of the match. The Emsa President ‘Dammycoh’ was present among others.

Kudos to everyone available. Emsa appreciates…

More pictures after the cut….

Ayomi reporting for Emsec


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