Emsa President applauds tonight turn out.. Asks for more ahead of today’s mountaineering.. 

Emsa President Dammycoh expresses a heart of gratitude to everyone present at the football match. In his words, he said,”A sincere appreciation to y’all for turning out en masse this evening for the novelty match between the freshmen and the stalite. You all displayed a high degree of the spirit of sportsmanship.”

He further called for a reignited spirit of sportsmanship ahead of the mountaineering today. “Let’s replicate that spirit of togetherness tomorrow for the mountaineering which promises to be fun filled with no dulling. 💯
FREE for the freshmen;

Stalites to pay a TOKEN of N100 only

Promises to be fun filled.”

Convergence point: Anglomoz Car park

Time: 7am
EDM MOUNTAIN, Here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Come one! Come all!!!

This was shared via his WhatsApp Page.

Ayomi reports✌


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