Check out steps to smooth registration….

Good Day!     
Below are the steps to take in registering courses for Harmattan Semester 2015/2016 Academic Session.                                    
1. Login to your eportal page and click on register courses on the menu tab by the left hand side of the page. Your course form then opens with Sections A to H.   
2. You are only concerned with CORE COURSES AND SPECIAL ELECTIVE of Section C (CURRICULUM LISTING FOR PART 1/PART 2, HARMATTAN SEMESTER 2015/2016 SESSION).                
3. Click on the white box in front of all the core courses to tick/pick them.                 
4. Check for the total number of units registered at the bottom of the page.               4. Pick more courses from the SPECIAL ELECTIVES section to make 23/24 units in total. Please remember to include SER 001 (The Use of English) and LIB 001 (Use of Library) as they are both compulsory SPECIAL ELECTIVES.                                
5. Check SECTION H – SEMESTER COURSE REGISTRATION to be sure that all the ticked courses are listed under this section. Submit the form by clicking on “SUBMIT” button below the page.                                     
Print or save the next page.   
NB: Note that you can delete the courses you’ve already registered for in case you made a mistake by ticking it in the first place or it wasn’t part of the course you are to register for. To delete, go to SECTION H – SEMESTER COURSE REGISTRATION. Click on the white box in front of the course under the delete tag column and then submit the form again.

Best of luck👏


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